Sep 29, 2020 click(); await page2.waitForNavigation();. Element is undefined but the Xpath is correct and I have tried it with Katalon recorder it is working there.. PuppeteerLibrary supports finding elements based on different strategies such as the element id, XPath expressions, or CSS selectors same as SeleniumLibrary.. click Perform a click on a link or a button, given by a locator. ... The second parameter is a context (CSS or XPath locator) to narrow the search.. XPath was not originally supported by Puppeteer so additional methods added ... Playwright brings a new API to execute scripts for any element or any of their.... Check Puppeteer-helper 1.0.0 package - Last release 1.0.0 with ISC licence at our NPM packages aggregator ... click, Click on the element by XPath provided.. page object is the puppeteer most commonly used objects, it can be considered a chrome tab ... In addition, there is a use of xpath select version. ... (selector [, options]) on the selected element to simulate a click; page.type (selector,.... Jun 10, 2021 Xpath is nothing but XML path, the developer used XPath to validate ... Puppeteer provides methods to click a DOM element and.... I'm trying to click on one value (odds) based on the name of the other element but ... This XPath expression queries for a div element having the class group and.... Jul 28, 2020 This is how to get the value of the href attribute of the a tag in Puppeteer. I write about how to do it in selectors and in XPath.. API docs for the ElementHandle class from the puppeteer library, for the Dart ... The method evaluates the XPath expression relative to the elementHandle. ... into view if needed, and then uses page.mouse to click in the center of the element. 538a28228e

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